Trace Biomedical Corporation Launches Their Official Website With Prosperna

Advancing Beyond Boundaries, Leading Provider of Innovative Diagnostic Tools, Trace Biomedical Corporation, Launches New Website

Trace Biomedical Corporation announces the launch of its new website,, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Prosperna

Trace Biomedical Corporation prides itself on helping advance the Philippines’ laboratory and healthcare industry by providing innovative diagnostic tools, partnering with top-notch diagnostic manufacturers, and delivering excellent after-sales and quality support service. 

With the launch of its new website, Trace Biomedical Corporation continues its commitment to making the most technologically advanced breakthrough products accessible to medical and healthcare professionals.

The new website offers a clean design with easy navigation to showcase its wide range of innovative diagnostic products from the following brands: SD Biosensor, Beckman Coulter, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Zytovision, and Bactefast. 


Intending to be a preferred and leading Diagnostic, Medical, Bioscience, and Research product supplier, the new website simplifies the ordering and fulfillment processes.

Through its fully-functional website powered by Prosperna's Online Store Builder, the company becomes more accessible with features including:

  • Easy navigation – Users can easily navigate the product catalog with filters to help narrow searches.

  • Fast checkout – Users can create an account for a seamless buying experience, especially for repeat customers. 

  • Secure payment and order fulfillment – Users can conveniently pay via GCash or bank transfer and safely receive orders via its logistics service.

For more information, visit


An affiliate of Zafire Distributors, Inc. under the Zafire Group of Companies, Trace Biomedical Corporation is a distributor of diagnostic products for Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization, Clinical Microbiology, Molecular Biology Solutions, and Cellular Assay to assist clinical and research laboratories and medical practitioners in the early diagnosis of disease. 

The company also provides round table discussions, training, and continuing professional education to help boost and strengthen product knowledge.

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